Oriental Beauty Tea Hydrating Moisturizer 50g

Oriental Beauty Tea does not use pesticides and is salivated to form a precious tea species. The unique floral and fruity aroma mainly comes from the process of small green leafhoppers sucking the tea green buds, which helps Oriental Beauty Tea add a unique sweet smell, and the tea greens are tender. The buds produce a special component called monoterpene diols, which is the real cause of this honeyed aroma.

Oriental beauty tea extract can help moisturize, infiltrate and replenish water, balance the ratio of skin moisture and oil, help the skin anti-aging, and present a smooth, moist, elastic, tender and translucent skin.
氧顏森活 妝前保濕 你的美日茶
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東方美人茶 深層保濕肌膚:東方美人茶不使用農藥並經過著涎形成珍貴的茶種,獨有的花果香,主要源自小綠葉蟬吸食茶菁嫩芽的過程,幫助東方美人茶增加獨特的香甜氣味,茶菁嫩芽會產生單萜烯二醇這種特殊成分,也是生成這種具蜜香的真正起因。東方美人茶萃取能夠幫助保濕、滲透補水、均衡肌膚水分與油脂比例,幫助肌膚抗老,呈現勻淨水潤感、彈嫩透亮。

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