Helichrysum Italicum Recovery Mask 3 piece / box

Upgrade the leisure time at home into a relaxing and healing HOME SPA as the design inspiration. After inhaling the Italian helichrysum essential oil, the gentle fragrance can dissolve the emotional load and silt of the past, heal the emotional trauma from the outside, and heal the inner heart. Make yourself shining and not easy to wither.

Italian helichrysum meets SPA-grade magical water-gathering factor γ-PGA and water micro-silk mask material. The extremely fine high-water-retaining special carrier helps the skin absorb the essence easily and effortlessly, and adjusts the skin texture and mood to a state of elasticity and lightness.
氧顏森活 彈嫩修護 x 密集補水
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■ SPA級速效保濕,密集修護更彈嫩

■ 水微絲隱形布膜,高密度補水、高乘載精華、均勻釋放香氣,100%可生物分解,高度符合環保友善面膜。



γ-PGA神奇聚水因子:神奇保濕-萃取自納豆發酵時的天然高分子保濕成分,加強肌膚內保濕機能,使恢復肌膚彈性,散發明亮光采。 補水之王-專業愛用明星保濕成分,具高吸水性,能協同其他保養成分,深入肌底長效保濕,發揮最大保養效果。 超強鎖水-特殊親水特性,在肌膚外層形成大面保護膜,將水分鎖在皮膚表面,加強保濕功能。

Vitamin B3 修護暗沉:具有保濕、細嫩、明亮膚色的多重效果,舒緩緊繃、疲倦,打造光瑩膚感。


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