Reviving Essence Toner 150mL

Highly active tea essence with moisturizing and anti-aging, won the French Cosmetic Victories Innovation Industry Award in 2020.

EGCG is the most anti-aging ingredient in catechins, patented X-peptide combined with EGCG catechins superconducting transmission, using CPP to win Peptide technology. The active ingredients penetrate quickly, so that the skin can be absorbed and utilized efficiently, and it really helps the skin to resist aging, that is, the skin is moisturized and tender, and the skin is bright and supple.
氧顏森活 潤肌彈嫩 你的美日茶

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超導型兒茶素 EGCG : 高活性茶葉精粹 保濕抗老,榮獲2020年獲得法國Cosmetic Victories創新產業獎,EGCG是兒茶素中最具有抗老效果的成分,專利X-胜肽結合EGCG兒茶素超導傳輸,運用CPP胜肽技術,有效成分快速滲透,使肌膚高效吸收利用,確實幫助肌膚抗老,即效潤肌彈嫩,呈現明亮的水嫩膚質。

雙重茶葉精華:保濕潤澤 呈現水感膚質

露珠草精萃:充分舒緩保濕 提高明亮度


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